97 Degrees, 80% Humidity, & Great Light!

The beginning of September seems to be the god of Summer’s last chance to remind us of it’s power to inflict serious levels of sweaty discomfort. At least that’s how it seemed a couple of weeks ago here in SoCal.  The entire week was 90-100 degrees F and hella-humid.  Of course, if you’re in SoCal, […]

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A Short Study of Light & Shadow: Chicago

Although I’m currently based in and around LA, I’m actually from Chicago.  Like so many people who grow up in an area, I didn’t truly appreciate the place as a kid.  It wasn’t until I’d left as an adult and returned to visit that I realized it’s really a heckuva fantastic city!

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Tone, Texture, and Rain

Up until recently, you were more likely to see a leprechaun, riding a unicorn on Main Street while juggling rainbows than experience a rainy day in LA.   Lately, though, we’ve been getting a lot of rain.  I’m talkin’ about the kind of rain that creates mudslides, flash floods, and car-swallowing sinkholes.

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One Shot: Working Man, Living the Dream

I get up at seven, yeah And I go to work at nine I got no time for livin’ Yes, I’m workin’ all the time It seems to me I could live my life A lot better than I think I am I guess that’s why they call me They call me the workin’ man… […]

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Winter’s Shadows

 I love winter’s light! Well…I’ve gotta admit, I love all types of light, but I  particularly enjoy the low angled, winter’s morning light we get in LA.  It varies from harsh to mellow and never fails to create depth, texture and, of course, spectacular shadows.  

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