Ah Seattle…I love that city.  Coffee, hipsters, and gray skies.  At least that’s what I’ve experienced the last few times I’ve been there.  The coffee & hipsters…always good.  The gray skies…not so much.  Gray skies make for dark, moody, & kinda’ flat-ish pics.

20180818_Seattle-042Fine, if that’s on the agenda for the day.

However, this last time was one of the few times I’ve gone there in late summer.  I was optimistic that I’d be able to shoot that beautiful downtown in a contrasty, light vs. shadowy kinda’ way.

20180818_Seattle-049But go figure, instead of sunny skies,  the city was blanketed in a seriously smokey haze.  I heard that the pollution levels were the highest EVER.  Unfortunately, it’s fire season all along the West coast and it’s a bad one.


Nevertheless, I stuffed my pockets full of film, grabbed my trusty M3 & went on walkabout around town.  It didn’t take long for me to understand why there were so many people wearing those painters -“I’m in the middle of Beijing pollution”- masks.  The air was just nasty!


Just for a minute though, I thought I’d get one for myself, but a guy with a camera wearing a mask probably wouldn’t read right to anyone – regardless of how poor the air quality was.  Paranoid? Naw…just socially aware.

20180818_Seattle-038So, I soldiered on, took a bunch-uh-pics, AND of course, snagged a Neti pot on the way back to the hotel.

Yup, Seattle. Bad Air or not…I really love that city!

The Space Needle


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