Up until recently, you were more likely to see a leprechaun, riding a unicorn on Main Street while juggling rainbows than experience a rainy day in LA.   Lately, though, we’ve been getting a lot of rain.  I’m talkin’ about the kind of rain that creates mudslides, flash floods, and car-swallowing sinkholes. Yeah.  Going from years of severe drought to a month or two of torrential wet stuff hasn’t been easy here in SoCal.  Oh!  And all of that well-watered tropical green-ness that’s sprouting up all over the place, just could make for one helluva fire season. But, hey, we’re Californians – we’ll just think happy thoughts…and all will be fine. 🙂

Praying to the God of Cellular

Anyway…on a brighter & frankly more photocentric note, if you can avoid the hazards (mudslides,flash floods, and car swallowing sinkholes…) gloomy, rainy  days can present fantastic photographic opportunities.  Rain soaked cities are great for producing images with phenomenal tone & texture.


Tone?   Texture?   I’ll explain…

When I’m in street photographer mode, or frankly, any time I have a camera in hand, I look for opportunities to capture or create images with both.  Tone is the balance of the lights and shadows, blacks and whites in the image.  Texture is the result of the grain, noise, and physical elements that come together to imply a tactile sense.

From the other Side

Tone and texture ultimately create the mood of the photo.  On this particularly wet day, I was hoping to create a series of images with a dark, somber mood.  The rain and overcast skies were just the ticket.

So, take a look at the photos in this post.  Hopefully, I was successful.  As usual, I’ll let you be the judge.

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