20170902-L1001476The beginning of September seems to be the god of Summer’s last chance to remind us of it’s power to inflict serious levels of sweaty discomfort. At least that’s how it seemed a couple of weeks ago here in SoCal.  The entire week was 90-100 degrees F and hella-humid.  Of course, if you’re in SoCal, this presents a fantastic opportunity to head to the beach with a few thousand or so other sun-worshipers.  20170902-L1001444-Edit20170902-L1001660

It’s all good if you’re into suntanning, sand, and saltwater.  Turns out, I’m not so much.  I like the beach as much as the next guy, but that stuff can screw up camera gear ;-).  For me, the great thing about hot temperatures, strong sun, and high humidity is the strong atmospheric light that comes with.  Great for photography!  Right?20170902-L100169520170902-L1001504-Edit

So, on the morning of what was to be one of the hottest days, I grabbed my gear and tried my best to capture a bit of that wonderful light!   Subdued to full sunshine…it was all good.  Whaddoyathink?



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