Let’s write our story
And let’s sing our song
Let’s hang our pictures on the wall
All these precious moments
That we carved in stone
Are only memories after all…
Memories, Shawn Mendes

So last year – 2017 – was a pretty eventful year of shooting for me.  I captured an ungodly number of images resulting in over 10, 0000 images in my 2017 Lightroom catalogue.  Of course, I shot a helluva lot more than that… “delete”  is truly one of my favorites key strokes.    As an artist who try’s to be honest with himself, I’ve gotta admit…most of the photos that I kept weren’t great for one reason or another.  I kept them for some other reason than purely technical perfection.  Yes.  Of course, I actually do keep images that I believe are “good”, but I will also save an image because I liked the location, the lighting was good, the colors popped, the tonality was interesting, I wasn’t sure what else to do with it or, dammit!…just because.  You get my drift.  Now that having been stated, there are a few images that stand out in my mind.  These are my 3 faves from 2017.

20170311 DT Chicago -038
Stark Light – Chicago, IL, March 2017

This photo has a dark tonality & mysterious mood that I really like.  For me, it perfectly captures the fantastic light and deep shadows of that very cold day.  And… it’s shot with film!  What more could I ask for?

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A Compassionate Canine – Los Angeles, CA, September 2017

Well…although another fave photo, this image of a person sleeping on the ground is a recurring scene in DTLA.  It’s stark, real, & depressing to most who see the photo.  Yet, many would hurriedly walk past this person with nary a glance.  However, in this case, the dog stopped.  He seemed to pause and look at the woman without shoes, lying on the ground, sucking her thumb and using the concrete curb stop as a pillow.  I actually wondered what he was thinking.  And Yes, I believed the dog could understand the sheer despair of the woman’s situation.  And if he could, we should also.  Right?

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Oh My Gosh! The Sun… – Santa Monica, CA, August 2017

My third fave photo of 2017 occurred during the Event that was The ECLIPSE.  I love the sci-fi pic glasses, their upward tilted gazes and the gaping mouths.  These guys even brought their very own eclipse viewing chairs.  I’m sure someone else provided the popcorn.  Awesome!

You can see the original post & other images here.

There ya’ have it…My 3 favorite pics of last year.  Sure.  There were other photos that I really liked, but these were memorable and kinda’ stuck with me for one reason or another.  I hope to create a few more memorable images this year.  Thanks for visiting & Enjoy 2018!

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