Staring Out
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My original plan was to spend the weekend in Chicago riding L (elevated) trains & capturing images for a project I’ve wanted to do for a while. It’s premise is sort of an Urban-Train-System-Exemplifying-the-Hustle-and-Bustle-of-the-Big-City kinda’ thing. Let’s just say things didn’t go as planned. It turns out that on some weekends, much of the hustle and most of the bustle just vanishes.

L Train on Wabash Ave
©2019 Reginald Foster

Those hyper-driven urbanites who, during weekdays, cram themselves into every bus, train, & Uber to get to their downtown jobs apparently avoid downtown on the weekends. Who knew? There went my hopes of photographing throngs of people meandering in, on, and around the L. Eh…sometimes we have to improvise, adapt, & overcome. Right?

875 N. Michigan Ave
©2019 Reginald Foster

Of course, there were still plenty of trains & (a few) people hanging around, so my new plan still included L train platform shots. But, I was in Chicago! A city whose architecture and urban environ are spectacular even on the weekend! Buildings…trains…people – seems like street photography to me.

Waiting for the incoming L
©2019 Reginald Foster

So, long story short(er)…that’s how the seemingly unrelated themes of L trains & architecture ended up in the same post. Although I think this thematic approach works, my next trip to Chicago will definitely include a day or three -during the week- to complete the original photo project. 😉

I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoyed creating them. Thanks for visiting my site.


Not quite Abbey Road
©2019 Reginald Foster
Running beneath the L tracks
©2019 Reginald Foster
Some Name other than “The Dark Tower”
©2019 Reginald Foster
©2019 Reginald Foster
Night-time and Skyscrapers
©2019 Reginald Foster
Down to the Blue Line ©2019 Reginald Foster
Danger High Voltage
©2019 Reginald Foster
Dirty Framed Architecture
©2019 Reginald Foster
The View From Below ©2019 Reginald Foster
Lines ©2019 Reginald Foster
Abstract Platform ©2019 Reginald Foster

Equipment Used:

  • Ricoh GR III
  • Fujifilm X100F

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