I’ll be back.

The Terminator, Orion Pictures, 1984

Sometimes, but only sometimes, the story behind a photo is almost as good as the image…or vice versa…or maybe not. You can be the judge.

Anyway…I took the image above in Santa Monica, CA early on a Friday morning. I was standing on the corner, shooting film with my Leica M6, but needed to change rolls about two frames after this one. So there I was holding the exposed roll in one hand and the camera in the other when I noticed three men on beach cruisers approaching me. They were talking and the person’s voice in front sounded familiar, so I squinted and looked a bit closer at him.

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

It was Arnold Schwarzenegger!



Mr. “I’ll BE BACK” was rolling directly towards me! I knew there was no chance in the world that I could change rolls that quickly, but the ace up my sleeve was the digital camera in my pocket. Unfortunately, as I stowed the M6 and pulled out my GR III, Mr. Olympia rolled right past me. And as (bad) luck would have it, the traffic light was green! “Ahhnold” and his two compatriats just continued through the intersection without pause. Damn! I considered running after them for just a fraction of a second. But, I had to acknowledge that getting beat down by a couple of body guard types while trying to chase down the bicycle riding former governor of California just really wasn’t my idea of a good Friday morning.

Oh Well…every now and then you’re gonna miss a GREAT shot.

But, go figure…The TERMINATOR!

Just another day in California… 😎

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Equipment Used:

  • Leica M6
  • Leica 50 Summilux ASPH
  • Kodak Tri-x rated at 400, developed, reticulated, & scanned on a Plustek OpticFilm 120

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