Don’t go near the water
Don’t you think it’s sad
What’s happened to the water
Our water’s going bad
Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams
Have all been touched by man
The poison floating out to sea
Now threatens life on land
    Johnny Cash – Don’t Go Near the Water

Protests!  I’m sure you’ve noticed…lately, there seem to be a lot of them.  Another weekend…another organized display of discontent.  Ya’ gotta’ admit, there are a lot of unhappy citizens out there.  Rallies like this have absolutely become part of the political landscape. I figure,  as long as they’re non-violent, why not!

As a street photographer, I’m drawn to these events.  The noise, the size of the crowd, and the emotions of the participants all conspire to draw me into the midst of the throng.  Such was the case last weekend.  There I was, walking downtown, minding my own business as they say, when I unexpectedly encountered the Dakota Pipeline protest.  I had no clue that a protest was planned for Sunday morning. (The blocked off streets should have been a big hint) But, there it was.  Of course, I couldn’t help myself.

Right place – Check!

Right time – Check!

Camera in hand – Check! Check!

Let’s just say I lost myself capturing the moment.  Check out the pics…

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