Her Body, Her Choice – Women’s Reproductive Rights Rally

“It is unthinkable to allow complete strangers, whether individually or collectively as state legislators or others in government, to make such personal decisions for someone else.” Sarah Weddington As a photographer, how do you capture the message, passion, & determination of people united to make their voices heard? That was the question that I faced […]

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Defend/Defund LAPD Demonstration

Yup. I’ve said it before. Street photography is kinda random – ya’ just never know who or what you’re going to run into on any given day. This past Saturday, I encountered both…

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Dakota Pipeline Protest, LA

Don’t go near the water Don’t you think it’s sad What’s happened to the water Our water’s going bad Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams Have all been touched by man The poison floating out to sea Now threatens life on land     Johnny Cash – Don’t Go Near the Water

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MacArthur Park Anti-Trump Rally: The Signs of Dissent

There’s no doubt that our recent presidential campaign & subsequent election have left the nation (more) divided.  Trump’s unexpected win over Clinton sparked  numerous post-election protests throughout the U.S.. They started immediately after (some say “during”) the election and have continued throughout the week.  Fortunately, for the most part, these have been non-violent in nature.  Of course, as […]

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