As photographers, we’re probably more critical of our images than our audiences. I know, that’s a cliched and grandiose overgeneralization. But hey…humor me. Nevertheless, I’ve created images that I really like, some that I think are just OK, and thousands more that pretty much suck (PMS). So, please understand that I’m overjoyed when I create an image that falls into the “I like” bucket. I suppose it’s kinda’ like golf…the hope that you can repeat that one good tee shot from 3 years ago is enough to keep ya’ paying greens fees forever. At any rate, the image I’ve titled “Spots & Squiggles” is that kinda shot.

Now, I’ve passed this particular mural multiple times in the short period it’s been up. Since I think it’s spectacular, I’ve hoped each time someone interesting will walk past, just so that I could use it as a backdrop. Sometimes I’m closer to it. Other times, I’m, as I was on this particular day, standing across the street…just waiting & hoping. Of course, I’ve created dozens of images that fall into the just OK or PMS categories. But, this past Saturday, my patience & luck got together and granted my wish. The colorful mural, the Dalmatian with one single person in the frame, and the lack of speeding cars just made the moment for me. Click!


Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed creating it. Hopefully, it will fall into your “I Like” bucket .

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Equipment Used

  • Leica M6
  • Leica 50 f/1.0 Noctilux
  • Fuji C200 color film @ 400 ISO

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