So…as everyone keeps saying, 2020 has been an interesting year. LOL! – understatement of a lifetime, right? It’s like we’ve been in a constant state of waiting for the other shoe to drop…when there’s an unlimited number of shoes. So, like you, I’m not sure that the election of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris to the highest offices in the land is the last shoe or just one more in the series. Nevertheless, for some of us, it’s one of the more positive happenings this year. Of course, others would beg to differ…

It just so happens, when the election was called in favor of Biden & Harris, I was on my way into DTLA. I’d planned on doing a bit of shooting anyway since Saturday was one of those rare days in LA when rain was more likely than not – great for photography. And, given the week’s political ups & downs…

  • Trump off to an early lead
    • Biden begins leading as mail-in ballots are counted
      • Vote counting continues
        • Democrats retain control of the house
          • Senate control is stalemated
            • Georgia’s two Senatorial campaigns go to a January run-off
              • Vote counting continues
      • Trump states the election is being stolen from him
        • Trump declares victory
          • Trump begins legal action & demands voting stops
            • Vote counting continues
              • Biden takes the lead in PA & GA
                • News outlets call the election for Biden & Harris
                  • Vote counting continues

I just knew there’d be a protest or rally of some sort downtown. So, I packed my gear and headed in.

When I arrived, I started walking towards Pershing Square since it’s usually the jumping off point for any rally, protest, or demonstration that involves the gathering of more than a couple of hand-fulls of people. It was immediately obvious that something was happening. Random drivers, lots of them, were cruising the streets, honking their horns and shouting pro-Biden and/or anti-Trump “slogans” out the windows of their cars. I could also hear someone with a bullhorn similarly broadcasting at least two blocks before I reached the park. Yup. Right place. Right time. Got camera. All good!

By the time I arrived, things were just getting started at Pershing Square, but in what seemed like no time the place was packed with a buoyant and extremely diverse crowd. LA at it’s best! Although some participants voiced anger and frustration, the demonstration wasn’t solely a protest against the Trump administration and its policies. It was, more importantly, a celebration of the hope that a Biden/Harris presidency has brought. There were lots of smiles (underneath the masks), high fives (some hand sanitizer), and cheers (through the masks). Generally, I’d say the attendees were optimistic and excited about moving on to a more positive (& equitable & truthful & less divisive, etc.) future. It was good to see.

AND…there was also a note of relief in the air. You could almost feel it. Now I’m not sure whether this was relief in the sense that “the nightmare has ended” or relief as in “Whew! That election was too close for anyone’s comfort.” No matter…it was a brief moment of not waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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Equipment Used

  • Leica M10
  • Leica 28mm f/1.4 Summilux
  • Fuji X100V

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