What is it that grabs a street photographers eye – something interesting, something unique, a pattern, a person, an evolving situation? Well, I’d guess all of the above. Of course, we hope that “thing” that grabs our attention leads to an incredible image. But, as street photographers, we have to admit that taking the image isn’t always a “conscious” decision. That is, with enough practice, we sort of program ourselves to recognize the opportunity, frame the image, and fire the shutter as quickly as possible to capture a fleeting moment. Such was the case with the above image. I took it towards the end of a couple of hours of roaming DTLA. At the time, I was thinking more about a cup of coffee than taking another pic when I sort of realized that there was something unusual to my right. The camera came up, the image was framed, the shutter was triggered, and I was back thinking about that cup of coffee just as the city worker’s head descended into the sewer. I really do love it when something interesting, something unique, a pattern, a person, or an evolving situation presents itself and I’m there to capture it. Yes. A little luck does help.

It was only afterwards that I reflected and wondered “Why was he going down that hole?”

Eh, some questions are better not answered…

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Equipment Used

  • Leica M6
  • Lecia 35mm f1.4 Summilux
  • Film: Adox Silvermax 100

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